Limo Service to Milwaukee Airport Isn’t Your Only Option for Comfortable Travel

“It’s absolutely possible to enjoy your journey, not just your destination.” So says Brad John, one of the founders of travel boutique Flight 001. How does a nightmarish cocktail of uncomfortable seats, variously too-hot or too-cold cabin temperatures, and the requisite bob and weave through a crowd of travelers who walk too slow become enjoyable? The answer is “by carrying the right kind of travel swag.” With these items on hand, your journey really can be as comfortable as your limo ride to the airport:

1.) Icebreaker Merino Wool Travel Layers

This line of apparel is made from fabrics that help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool when surroundings are warm and warm when they’re cool. Using New Zealand merino threads, these ultra-convenient shirts are lightweight and washing machine friendly. As an added bonus, they’re antimicrobial, meaning that even if you sweat up a storm, body odor will not be a problem. Choices range from T-shirts at $60 to zippered hoodies at $160.

2.) TSA PreCheck

At participating airports, TSA PreCheck allows travelers to pass through security checkpoints faster than other travelers by reserving special lanes that don’t require the removal of belts, light outerwear, or shoes. Less time standing in line? No need to shuffle your belongings around as you scramble to take off your shoes? Yes, please! TSA PreCheck is available by invitation through certain airlines’ frequent flyer programs, or through membership of CBP Trusted Traveler program. More info is available at the TSA website.

3.) Coffee and Tea (and Maybe Some Ramen)

This one’s more of a tip than a product recommendation, but if you’re a coffee or tea snob, you don’t have to be deprived of your favorite beverage just because you’re on a plane and the snack service offers a poor imitation of what you usually drink. Just bring a few packets of your favorite tea or instant coffee with you, and that impersonal airplane cabin will feel a little more like home.

  • If you’re on a longer flight and want something to tide you over until you can sit down to a proper meal, consider bringing a cup of instant ramen noodles with you to stave off hunger pangs.

4.) Tie-Up Belts

Thanks to their material, these Italian belts made of plastic and rubber can stay on your waist when you pass through security. Their colors span the entire rainbow but they offer a basic collection in conservative tones, so you can travel quickly while still dressing professionally. These convenient belts cost $75, so they’re not cheap, but they may be worth the cost, depending on how much you abhor security checkpoints.

5.) Kindle Fire

For your travel entertainment, consider the Kindle Fire. It costs less than similar products, plus it gives you easy access to Amazon’s database of movies, books, and music, making it your go-to device for leisure at your fingertips. Who needs the in-flight magazine when you have such a versatile entertainment system on your hands? Whether you’re waiting at the gate or flying to Chicago, your Kindle Fire can make those tedious hours fly by in a flash. Order it from Amazon for $199.

6.) Tumi Tegra-Lite Luggage

This luggage brand is made of tough material, the kind found in race cars, protective armor, and safety equipment for NFL football players (it’s Tegris®, a polypropylene thermoplastic hybrid, to be exact). Your luggage will be well-protected from any wear and tear you put it through, and with its sturdy construction, it’s quite possible you’ll never have to buy luggage ever again (provided you don’t experience any unfortunate lost luggage mishaps). Prices range from $595 to $795 dollars.