Wisconsin Limo FAQ

the-7-reasons-i-chose-the-bosch-tankless-water-heater-21386795-resized-600While individual reasons to reserve limousine service can vary, most people choose luxury transportation for the following reasons:

1. Reliability

If you can’t afford to miss your flight or be even 5 minutes late to lunch with your client, some companies offer an on-time guarantee that you cann’t get from a cab company. 

2. Safety

While an evening of limo service is more expensive than public transportation, a first-time DUI can cost up to $10,000 – more if your vehicle is impounded. You can’t put a price tag on your own safety or your child’s safety. While you might know that your prom Queen will avoid underaged alcohol consumption after the school dance, will other teens on the road be as responsible?

3. Special Occasion

If you are looking to make any occasion, from your next birthday to a first date to a 60th anniversary more special, luxury transportation can make you feel like a celebrity without leaving Wisconsin.

4. Your Teens Will Receive Supervision

While Chauffeurs are no substitute for babysitters, you can ensure they avoid some of the most dangerous, unsupervised house parties on prom or graduation night by asking the transportation provider to stick to your itinerary. While Chauffeurs cannot search your teens, they can check their bags to minimize the chances of alcohol being smuggled on board. No local limo service wants to facilitate teen drinking!

5. It’s Less Expensive Than You Might Think

While limo service can command luxury prices during wedding season or prom night, it’s likely much cheaper than you think if you’re flexible with your dates. A weeknight anniversary celebration can be downright affordable. Renting a limo with a group of friends can also be even cheaper than an evening’s worth of cab fare if everyone contributes to the final price. If you’re unsure whether limo service will fit into your budget, call your local provider and see if they’re running any specials.

6. Chauffeurs Are At Your Service 

Many Midwesterners mistakenly believe that Chauffeurs and cab or city bus drivers are essentially interchangeable. Nothing could be further from the truth! A true, professional Chauffeur will be happy to help you every moment of your reservation. If you decide you’d rather have some gelato with your date than head to the wine bar like you’d planned, they’re happy to accommodate these requests. Helping you carry your luggage, opening doors and ensuring you feel like a King or Queen is also part of the A-List experience.

7. They’re Social

Chances are that none of your friends have vehicles that can accommodate more than 5 or 6 passengers. Many privately-owned multi-passenger vehicles aren’t quite as stylish as smaller sedans. Chauffeured transportation is the perfect solution for your high school reunion, or group night out. Here are some of the most popular reasons people rent limos for 8 or more passengers:

  • Girls’ Night Out: Sip champagne as you travel to a spa, restaurant, wine bar and more.

  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties: No need for a designated driver or cab service!

  • Tailgating: No matter who wins the game, you’ll inspire envy among the other fans.

  • Wine Tours: Head to two, three or even four vineyards with your friends.

Limos are the perfect solution for groups. There’s no need to borrow your friends mini-van so you can carpool, and the cost per head will likely be within reach!

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