Get Advice from the Real Pros

Every trip you plan has the potential to be either a dream or a nightmare. The more experience you have with coordinating corporate and personal travel, the more likely your executives are to enjoy smooth trips, but there are always tips and tricks to make any business travel better. The best place to get this advice is from someone who really knows the industry, and that’s why these five tips from a hotel manager might be exactly what you need to save money next time you coordinate a business trip.

Always Call the Hotel

Almost every hotel chain offers an 800-number on the website for reservations, which seems pretty convenient for travel coordinators. If you’re determined to save your company money on each trip, you’ll want to resist the urge to call the reservations line and instead contact the hotel directly. The reservations and customer service department will always quote you the regular or premium rates, while the individual hotels are more likely to give discounted rates. The difference could be thousands of dollars over any given year, and that’s something you could brag about.

Request Corporate Rates

You cannot expect the hotel employees to assume you’re booking business travel, and that means you’ll be quoted the regular rates. Many hotels offer corporate rates designed to entice customer loyalty from frequent travelers. Be sure to let the hotel know you’re coordinating business travel so you get the lowest possible price. You’ll be shocked at how much even a few dollars each trip can add up in the long run.

Register for Reward Programs

Filling out paperwork is never a fun task, but in this case, the reward is worth your trouble. Even if your executives frequent several hotel chains throughout the country, they can build up points for incredible rewards, such as free nights, discounts, and upgrades. Be sure to fill out applications for any chain you plan to use when planning company travel, even if you’re unsure how often you’ll use each particular hotel. The points belong to the traveler, no matter who is booking the rooms, so this presents a perfect perk for businessmen on the go.

Planning Pays Off 

You can’t always anticipate travel needs months in advance, but the more notice you have, the more likely you are to get great rooms at good prices. You don’t want your traveling executives to suffer while on the road, but you also can’t make special requests for pool or golf views, suites, or king-sized beds if you’re claiming the last available hotel room at the last possible minute. When you can plan ahead by a few weeks, you’re much more likely to get great accommodations at realistic prices.

Take Advantage of Last-Minute Plans 

As nice as it may be to solidify travel plans in advance, sometimes you have to fly by the seat of your pants and plan a trip with hours to spare. If you find yourself in this situation, take advantage of the late notice. Most hotels don’t sell out all rooms on any given night, which means your executive’s late arrival is unlikely to put the hotel at capacity. Always ask if there’s a possibility for a last-minute discount on the rooms that are still available. In an effort to fill more rooms, the hotel manager is very likely to book the lodging at a fraction of the original cost.

Your job is hard enough, finding airline tickets and booking Milwaukee limo service. Make it easier by following these tips. You’ll save your company thousands of dollars on travel and expenses, and saving money is the surest way to look like a winner in the eyes of executives.