Are you thinking about hiring a limousine service in the Madison or Milwaukee area, but have those nagging doubts about separating fact from fiction regarding common perceptions of the limousine industry? At AJ Prestige, we want to help you get past the myths and discover what hiring a limo service is all about. Here are five of the top 5 commonly held myths regarding hiring a limo service. 

Myth Number 1: Skip the limo and hire a taxi: You’ll save money

Does this sound familiar? Your flight is late arriving at your destination, and if you are in Wisconsin during the winter, standing in a line waiting for a taxi, or the rental car or hotel shuttle can be downright miserable. Who knows how long you may have to wait, or even worse, if your flight is really late, there may be no hotel or rental shuttles running for the night. What is your time worth to you in terms of how long you may need to wait to get a ride to your destination? If you take a taxi and have been travelling all day and wish to stop for a bite to eat, that taxi meter keeps running all the while you are enjoying your meal. You may have multiple stops along the way, and that can quickly add up if taking a taxi. When you hire a limo service, you can hire the service for an hour or several hours. At AJ Prestige we have packages available for the business traveler as well as someone looking for limo services for a social outing such as a wedding, prom, or night out on the town.

Myth Number 2: Limos are only for the rich and famous

The days of limos only being for a Hollywood star or CEO are gone. Today, limo services are available – and affordable – for anyone who wishes to add a special touch to a special event. More parents are hiring limo services for their children to attend prom or homecoming events, where they no longer have to worry about their children driving into the wee hours of the morning. Party limos are also increasing in popularity, where a group of friends pool their resources and hire a limo to travel to concerts, sporting events, winery tours, local casinos or a night out on the town. Businesses are hiring limos to transport clients to local training events or trade shows. AJ Prestige can accommodate all these types of events and our professional chauffeurs will provide a safe and enjoyable ride.

Myth Number 3:  The best deals are with the larger limo franchises

One should never judge a book by its cover, and that is especially true of limo services. A larger, nationally known limo service may not be the best deal in town. The best way to find out about the quality of customer service provided by a limo company is to seek out referrals by friends or business associates who have used local limo services. Look for testimonials on limo company websites as a way to gauge the level of excellence in the service provided. The number of vehicles in the fleet should not be an indicator of the type of service, but what is important is the age of the vehicles in the fleet. We invite you to check out the AJ Prestige Testimonial page and read what others have to say about our excellent limo service and professional chauffeurs.

Myth Number 4: Limo services and living large can only be found in the big city.

You don’t have to live in Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago to hire a limo service. At AJ Prestige we have clients all over the South Central Wisconsin area who use our services to travel to the Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago airports as well as other sites in those cities and points in between those cities. Wanting to be treated like royalty and enjoying a stress-free ride are not limited to residents in the big cities. Contact one of our transportation associates to find out how AJ Prestige can meet and exceed your ground travel needs.

Myth Number 5: The limousine industry is not a high tech industry.

This is a huge myth that needs to be debunked. Limo services can be booked on line or via the good old telephone. Smart phones can be used to book limo services. Chauffeurs and dispatchers can keep track of clients’ inbound flights and are alerted instantly if a flight is late or even cancelled. In addition, many limos are not only equipped with GPS but also with Wi-Fi. A new trend that is slowly emerging is on-demand booking for limo services via mobile devices. It is a new day for the limo industry in today’s high tech world, but even so, at AJ Prestige we promise your call will be answered by a real person, not an automated answering service. Check out our on line booking service at AJ Prestige or call us 24/7 to see how we can be of service for your limo needs.

Call AJ Prestige today and discover the many ways we can provide you with excellence in professional limousine services.  For Madison area limo service call 608-338-5800. For Milwaukee area limo services please call us at 414-376-6868.

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