Corporate Sedan Services


Corporate Transportation Services

Corporate travelers have special needs. The last thing you want is to be late or stressed out. You need to get to your destination on time and stress free. This is where our corporate car services chauffeured by our experienced and knowledgeable drivers come into play.

AJ Prestige is unlike any other car service in the Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Chicago areas. We offer something most companies nearby do not; if we are not outside waiting for you at the specified time of arrival and departure, the service is on us. By holding true to this, we ensure our customers the timeliest transportation for their hard-earned money.

In addition, for your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So do not worry if your flight is delayed at the last minute or unexpected weather comes your way: we will be ready to go the minute you call us with a car ready to pick you up.

Even if you are not in need of service right now, you can create a company profile in the meantime. This will enable us to lock in your contact information beforehand so immediate service can be provided to you in the future. With corporate sedan, limousine, or car services, safety, security and dependability are our top priorities.

Our professional sedan, limousine and car service is built with you, the corporate traveler, in mind. You will have the ease of booking online along with tracking tools. Online reservations make it fast and simple to make corporate sedan service arrangements, receive e-mail confirmations, and change travel plans on the fly. If you want a more personal touch, just pick up the phone and call (608) 338-5800.

For more information on our corporate sedan service, contact AJ Prestige today.