Point-to-point Service

AJ Prestige is a leader in luxurious ground transportation in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas with a long history of service and a customer focused attitude. We offer a luxurious Point-to-point Service – a wonderful solution to get you across the town from point A to point B with minimum stress, ultimate comfort and reliability. This service is equally enjoyed by leisure and business clients, as well as visitors and locals. The key idea behind our Point-to-Point Service is to offer our clients a reliable and luxurious door to door transportation. In order to keep this idea alive, our team works hard to maintain our level of quality, through commitment to best practice and excellence. Our professional staff, quality cars and high standers ensure this is achieved.

Satisfaction at All Times

Whether you have a business meeting, a flight to catch or require transportation to any part of the town, you will find our Point-to-Point Service an invaluable solution. Let us take care of driving through heavy traffic and navigating to the final destination. Forget having to find parking, sit back in the comfort of our luxurious vehicles with your very own professional chauffer in charge of the stirring wheel. AJ Prestige has hand-picked all members of our team and you’ll find our chauffeurs are friendly and very passionate about their work. They will go out of their way to meet any particular request and ensure your satisfaction at all times. In addition, you’ll find that our wonderful service is backed by friendly and attentive customer care team, ready 24hours, 7 days a week to assist you may you have any queries.

High Standards in Comfort and Quality

Depending on your mood, preference and occasion, select the vehicle of your choice from our range of Lincoln Town Car Sedans, Lincoln Limousine by Tiffany and Lincoln Navigators. All of these vehicles are renowned in the livery service and set very high standards in comfort and quality. You’ll find the interior boasting with opulent features including buttery-soft leather seating, adjustable lighting and plenty of room to stretch your feet. Enjoy our wonderful Point-to-Point Service and let AJ Prestige make your transportation across Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago a smooth and enjoyable experience.