Airport Transportation: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

When you’re traveling the 90 minutes from Madison to Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport, you have several transportation options to get you from point A to point B. You could hire a cab, rent a limo, or arrange your own transportation by driving your car or having a loved one drop you off. When you factor in the cost of gas and parking and other qualities like reliability, convenience, and comfort, it’s pretty clear that these three options are not equal. Allow us to enlighten you by discussing each:

A Cab

You call a cab service to pick you up the night before your trip. You state that you want the cab to arrive two hours before you’d like to arrive at the airport. But what happens if something unexpected comes up, and the cab gets redirected to a different place right before it picks you up? You might find yourself getting a ride half an hour later than you intended. Add the cab’s late arrival time to the possibility of running into traffic and you have a recipe for disaster. Even if the cab does arrive on time, it still doesn’t offer the optimal transportation conditions—the A/C could be broken, the interior could be dirty, and the car itself may not ride smoothly, an inconvenience that may prevent you from getting work done during your 90 minute commute. And let’s face it, 90 minutes can feel like a long time when you’re riding in a subpar vehicle.

Your Own Personal Transportation

While you could arrange to drive your own car, think of the prices involved with buying gas and paying for long-term parking. If you’re gone for three days or longer, those expenses quickly add up. Taking your own car will also make it difficult to get work done while you drive. You may be able to conduct some business calls during the trip, but why put yourself at risk? Even with a Bluetooth, there’s still some danger involved because your attention would be divided between two different things at once. And while it’s true that you could also ask a loved one to drop you off and pick you up, that request also involves the inconvenience of having them re-arrange their schedule and blocking off three hours of their day to driving.

Limo Service

A chauffeur will be well-aware of traffic conditions and know well ahead of time whether and how to navigate a heavy traffic flow. The best limo services will offer an on-time guarantee so that you will arrive at your destination at the desired time, no matter what. You’ll also get the conveniences of riding in a comfortable environment that offers wi-fi access, so without the distractions of riding in an uncomfortable vehicle or the responsibility of driving your own car, you can use those 90 minutes in an optimal manner. Limo service is an excellent option because not only is it the most reliable means of transportation, it also allows you to get work done. Though you may technically pay more for its services than you would for a cab, you also get a reliability and convenience that a cab service just can’t offer you.

So when you find yourself needing a ride from Madison to the Milwaukee airport and you need to get there promptly, make an airport limo service your go-to choice. A limo will ensure that your trip begins in the right manner: safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Since even the smallest mishap could make things go sour very quickly, you owe it to yourself to arrange transportation that will be as problem-free as possible.