It’s that time of year again, planning your Thanksgiving trip to visit relatives. Do you take your own car and park it in the long term parking lot at O’Hare, or do you use a car service? Letterman’s way of reasoning comes to mind when making this decision.

Top Ten Reasons to Not Use a Car Service to OHare for Your Thanksgiving Trip

 1. You like coming back, scraping ice off your car, driving slowly so the tires don’t pop, and getting home before the car warms up because it’s so cold in Chicago. Wouldn’t you prefer to walk out of the terminal and get in a warm car and save the wear and tear of ice and frozen tires?

2. You like spending money to let other people ding your car in a public parking lot. Who wants to come back to their car and see that other people have opened doors and created those little craters in our cars? If your car was in your garage, this could be avoided.

3. You like coming home, catching a shuttle, walking through the slush to your car. Chicago is cold in the winter, and at Thanksgiving you are likely to come home to some snow or slush on the ground. Wouldn’t you rather someone else picked you up?

4. You like waiting in the cold for a shuttle to the terminal. Have you discovered that the 10 minute wait for a shuttle can sometimes mean 30 minutes? Do you really want to wait in the cold that long? If you don’t stay in line, you could be waiting even longer.

5. You like the traffic on Interstate 90. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that traffic and let someone else manuever through all the cars and construction?

6. You like shoveling your car out of the pile of snow left by the snowplow in the parking lot. We all know the snowplows will clear off the main part, but that will leave a pile of snow blocking your car. Do you keep a snow shovel in your car?

7. You like wondering if your car is safe while relaxing on vacation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your car is safe and sound in your garage?

8. You like chiseling ice off the door of your car. You know those freezing rains where it looks like the car is a block of ice? Ever try chiseling it off your car while you stand there freezing? Wait, how are those people riding around in warm cars?

9. You like “roughing it.” You are just the kind of person who would rather freeze than be in a warm car and would rather come back to a beat up car rather than know your car is safe in your garage.

10. You like seeing other people picked up at the door with a warm car while you freeze waiting for the shuttle. But, you do envy them. So, how can you be one of them?

Starting to think you don’t want to drive your car to O’Hare and let it become a block of ice? Contact us and schedule your Car Service to OHare. We promise a warm car when picking you up, and we will be there on time. You won’t have to freeze, and you won’t have to find your car in a pile of snow or ice.